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Call Center College, ISO 9001:2008 Certified, is one of India’s eminent institutions in the provision of Training and Skilled Manpower services to various IT/ Non IT sectors. The Center was initiated in the year 1999, being the first e-CRM Training Institute in the whole of South India, with the incomparable contribution of Training and Development.

The progression of Call Center College through the years, has been a colossal expedition in the implementation of training development and methodology, as well as recruitment and management strategy. Our techniques have proven to be highly adaptable and scalable that automates, captures and transfers business related training and knowledge to potential resources.

Story Behind the Logo...

As early as the 1990’s Call Center College came with a simple yet striking insignia. The Logo signifies the identity of Call Center College. The best of it, is its immense and strong symbolic connection which represents Co-operative relationships that links together.

The three C’s bound together shows Strength and the colors used shows the Elegant outlook and the brightness manifests the value of Integrity of the Company.


Our mission is to ensure that the training and recruitment we undertake has a positive impact on the future performance of our Client's business, which is committed to individual and organizational effectiveness, in order to accomplish its strategic goals. We aim to provide impeccable training that enables individuals to achieve their full potential, thereby helping our Client’s achieve their corporate goals.

The partnership with our Clients ensures that the training, we offer are specifically designed and thoughtfully adapted to suit their learning and workplace outcomes, taking care to understand the most appropriate methods to deliver. We offer an ongoing commitment to our Clients through our training methodology, whilst continuing to identify other approaches to smooth the transfer of learning to the workplace.


Our vision is not just to be a leading training provider, but also to develop enduring relationships with clients across the globe, by providing highly professional and streamlined services.

CCC seeks to provide the best training solutions and enhanced training courses with services. We strongly believe in delivering training strategies which are par excellence and aim to help every individual, employee as well as an organization achieve their training goals in an innovative, methodical and structured manner. Our pathway to all round success is developed based on our principles of commitment and excellent quality of value added resources. CCC having been in this Training Industry for over 13 years, envisions being the most trusted partners for delivering exceptional and impeccable training solutions.

Desired Profile

Tele Marketing Executive
Desired Profile

Graduate .

Minimum 2-3 years of experience in the Marketing role (Marketing background will be preferred).

Keen to work in a day-shift -standard Indian working hours.

Job Description

Willing to take ownership and responsibility of work

Willing to work under pressure / deadline.

Ability to market and educate new service

Good convincing power with strong communication skills, good command over English and regional languages.

Professional approach and organised working attitude.

Desired Profile

Graduate / Post-Graduate.

Minimum 3-5 years of experience in Training.

Keen to work in a day-shift -standard Indian working hours

Professional approach and organised working attitude.

Job Description

Identify the training needs of the Non Performers and Train them to the expected level by the Management.

Willing to work under any circumstances.

Ability to market and educate new service

Professional approach and organised working attitude.


Regional Languages:


  • I’m immensely grateful to Ms. Meenal, Our Director of Call Center College. I’m not certain from where I would need to start. Well, to reckon about my association with Call Center College, it was early in 2009, I was eager to join a course of my interest. When I walked in to CCC, all that I had in mind was to take up a course for a few months and keep myself occupied for a few hours. I was engrossed in learning Accent, Personality Development, Communication Skills… It was then I had a face-to-face talk with the Director. I was overwhelmed; when Ms. Meenal uttered the job offer as a Counsellor, without any hesitation, and where I could take up the TTT Program rather than a Trainees level. It was a challenge and wonderful indeed. Soon after my training to gain better exposure and confidence, I was encouraged to handle training. This has made a great difference to me, I least thought I would be working anywhere, but the encouragement as moved me forward. I was constantly backed up by the Training Team, who were also a great motivation and support as I began training. In a span of less than a year, I also had the opportunity to train the employees at Royal Orchid in Communication, Hospitality & Service. I have come a long way which is truly unbelievable. Words are not sufficient to express my gratitude to Ms. Meenal, for mentoring and equipping me to be a part of CCC. — Sindumati

  • Call Center College-the name and the people who always appear before my eyes. I’m ever grateful to each of you. You lifted me up, rooted me to the foundation and led me to climb up the ladder. It was a challenge before me, but an accomplishment that owe to Call Center College. I’m certain you are proud of me, a trainee who has reached heights through your unfailing support. Forever thankful, heart full of gratitude. — Saravannan, Manager of EMC

  • My relationship with ‘Call Center College’ goes back to the time of its inception. The Center has seen success at its core, more than their position in the Training Industry, its there commitment to witness the success of their Clients and their employees. Over a decade Call Center College has been leveling in standard of high quality to meet the requisites over a wide extent. There’s a rich facilitation of expertise training for all Sectors. Call Center College remains to be an entity of impeccable training, where the team is never exhausted in keeping to the commitment and standards, the dictating factors that have certainly elevated them above the rest. — Mr. Subramanyam- Director of Covergeon

  • The training programs conducted at our place has yielded exceptional results. Within the two months of training, we have observed a commendable service and hospitality from our staff. —Prabhakar, Training Manager of Royal Orchid

  • I appreciate Call Center College to have supported and encouraged me in my plans and trained me. Now, I have started a Center for Distance Education. — Lova Kumar

  • Due to lack of communication and confidence, I couldn’t move forward to the Team Leaders position, despite working for a long time in HP. Even being a Senior Associate was a struggle, the only reason they moved me forward was based on my performance. I always questioned my Manager, ‘Why I couldn’t get to become a Team Leader, although I had a great track record in my performance?’ The response was that I didn’t meet the criteria of proficiency and fluency in English. My sentences lacked construction and pronunciation; as a result I almost lost confidence. It was then I joined Call Center College, being constantly encouraged by Ms. Meenal and the Trainers, there was an amount of confidence that I gained. With all the effort and guidance by the trainers and my personal desire, I began to work on areas I needed a drastic change. At the end of it, ‘A Dream Come True’, just before I could finish my course at Call Center College, I embarked on the long desired qualification as a Team Leader. HP has seen the result of CCC Training in my communication and finds it surprising to see an evident change. I have recognized the importance of English, which many consider not important until it becomes a predicament. I share my gratitude and wish Call Center College every success in future endeavors. — Sunder HP

  • Call Center College- A Benchmark for Commitment, Dedication and Professionalism. My husband and I am from Iran, although we have been in India for the past 5 years, it was difficult to find a good center. We made wrong choices in institutions where we enrolled ourselves and faced negative experiences. But when we stepped into this Center, the commitment assured by Ms. Meenal convinced us and we truly saw it being fulfilled by the Trainers during the course of our training. Our ultimate search was proved beneficial. We have been through the Intermediate & Advanced Levels of English training here. With the complete understanding of various usages, formats, exceptions, etc in English, we find ourselves extremely comfortable with the language that we once dreaded. We were always told at CCC that English is ‘The Most Bea—uti-ful Language.’ We have understood the reality of it and agree to the fact, it is indeed. Now, I’m eager to do the IELTS and this would be a great achievement. We wish Call Center College the very best…. — Sanaz & Majid

  • Training became to be a passion to me. I have always admired my Trainers right from the time I trained at Call Center College way back in the year 2003, for the entry level training into a BPO. There was a strong inclination towards training as I took time with knowing the essence of training from my Trainers at Aviva as well as HSBC, the two places where I have worked. Joining the Train the Trainer’s Program for Accent again at CCC in the year 2010, was a great delight. It’s an enigma to know that Call Center College has always had the best of Trainers. Above all, l must say Ms. Meenal has truly been a great inspiration. Through the transitional journey, they have equipped me to facilitate in the Corporate World. I wish all the success to Ms. Meenal and the Training Team. — Veronica-Employee of HSBC

  • I’m very satisfied after completing the training here. My Trainer has always been helpful and ready to guide me in the Language. If anyone I know in my country who has plans to come to India to learn English, I will tell them to join Call Center College. Thank you for training me at your Center — Seul-Ki-Bae, South Korea.

  • Overall Call Center College is a great place to be trained at. The entire training has answered every aspect of our needs. We certainly have no regrets as we believe; we have chosen to be trained in one of the best Centers in Bangalore. We thank Call Center College for imparting a training which was perfectly in tune with our requirements. We have not only learnt our fundamentals, but the training has also gone ahead- straight to the heart of each of us as trainers instilled in us the values of integrity, perseverance, commitment, and a desire to succeed. — Call Center Batch of 2009

  • Association with Ms. Meenal and Call Center College remains worthy to reckon. There have been numerous Training Centers I have come across abroad and here, but nothing like the commitment and drive that Call Center College carries. They are always prepared to go the extra mile in delivering quality training which is highly commendable. They are tremendous in getting to the table exceptional training delivered, to refine an individuals approach in the corporate world. Call Center College has come a long way, with great accomplishments, yet the baton is still in their hands as they press on. I wish the Team as they pass each phase in progression and success. — Mr. Ashwin Cannonkadu- CEO of Debt Doctor

  • I was working in a Garment Company, but was always eager to join a BPO. That’s when I came to Call Center College. The training here has been very helpful in building my confidence, mentally and practically. Initially I tried in many BPO’s but I couldn’t even qualify the first round of interview, due to my language. CCC was a great source of support and encouragement when I had almost given up my job. I wasn’t certain if I was capable to join a BPO. Apart from the regular sessions of Training, I was always motivated to have a brighter perspective in life. Much before I could complete my training here, I was successful in joining Minacs as a Customer Service Agent. I’m grateful to Call Center College, when I almost gave up, Call Center College induced confidence and hope into my life. — Madhusudan-Minacs

  • We first came here in May this year, at that time we found it very difficult to communicate in a right way. Our pronunciation was not so good. But our trainer always encouraged us and made us feel good. After studying here in this Center for 2 months, we had to go back to Saudi Arabia for our sister’s marriage. And now we are back with 4 of our friends to learn English. We feel confident and great learning English at Call Center College. — Abdullah & Osama Faiz Joharji

  • As we plan to immigrate to Canada, we wanted to take up Accent Training. We had a great difficulty in expressing our thoughts and a bad influence of our Mother Language. In the course of training of one month, we have understood the areas we erred and techniques to implement based on the articulation. Now, we find ourselves prepared to face and overcome the barriers of communication, no matter whichever place we travel. — Manjusha -Programme Manager at Smile Foundation & Arun Kumar-Relationship Manager at Lifestyle

  • Although I was proficient in English, I realized my knees always knocked when I had to present myself before people, be it in a Solo or Group Discussion. The thought of a prepared or impromptu presentation was always a negation. When I joined Call Center College, things were forced to change, building up my confidence level. All through the training here, I just can’t remember the numerous times I had to involve in a whole lot of presentations, which in subtlety induced immense confidence and shunned every form of nervousness. Raised heartbeats and shaky legs, are apparently not the signs I would be observed on anymore. Thanks to CCC, there a new dimension to my life. — Vishwanath Menon

  • Yes, we came to India to join this Center and learn good English. When we heard from Abdullah and Osama about English Training is really good, my parents were ready to send me with them. I’m really happy, I learn something new in every session of training. We are also made to speak all the time and this makes us gain confidence every moment. — Emad

  • I’m thankful to Ms. Meenal, who has taken complete responsibility of our children in India. Although our children are away from us, we believe they are in India to study and prepare a better foundation in life. I’m proud to know they have been speaking English. Our children are glad to have come all the way to Bangalore, India and join Call Center College. On a daily basis they interact with us stating how far they have improved and their desire to continue for a couple of months more. I thank you Ms. Meenal once again and all the trainers who are guiding our children. — Mr. Faiz Joharji

  • Hi, We are from Congo. We are so happy to do our English course here. In 2 months, there is so much of improvement we can see in our speaking, writing, and reading. Our Trainers are friendly and try every way to make us understand well. We thank all of you here. — Nelso, Asha, Precious & Grace (Congo)

  • We work as nurses for Jain Hospital, we joined for IELTS as we plan to apply for jobs abroad. We are satisfied with the extensive support we have received. We find ourselves far better equipped to face the IELTS Test with confidence and knowledge of attempting each sections. Our Mock Tests and practice on Reading, Listening and Writing, have really prepared us to go forward. Thank you Trainers for preparing us. — Siby Thankachan, Elbi, Priya, Mary Thomas and Jomy Jose

  • I couldn’t be more delighted! Call Center College has been a splendidly positive experience, where my expectations were exceeded. I unequivocally recommend this Center to all of those interested in improving their written or verbal communication skills. — Rehan Ahmed-British Airways

  • All at Call Center College have been a great support to me, it was a home away from home. I was referred by my friend Sanaz, and recognized all that I would gain attending the training. Now, I’m very content with the way I speak. I wish to continue, unfortunately I need to go back to my country. Once I come to India, I would join back to move from intermediate to advanced learning. I would miss you’ll for sometime, but always kept in heart for the great encouragement and support I got from all of you when I was all alone here. Thank you. — Farhanaz Oghabian (Iranian)

  • Having been referred by Saravannan, we spontaneously enrolled for course in Communication Skills. It is only when we came here we realized areas in which we faltered. In times when we felt demotivated and lost the confidence in ourselves, that we wouldn’t be able to change our way of speaking, our trainers didn’t lose hope in us. They were our source of encouragement. This training has not only changed the way we communicate and relate to people but has also built up our confidence levels to propel in life. — Pradeep, Praveen & Chidhanand Murthy -EMC

  • I appreciate the dedication and flexibility through which Call Center College works. The training and awareness of Phonetics as brought a vast change in my accent and the way I speak fluently. I was very skeptical in joining any Training Center, but Call Center College committed assurance and have fulfilled it too. People comment on the way I speak now and are surprised to know the change the training here has brought in. Thanks a lot! — Ajith, Wipro

  • I thank Call Center College, for helping me communicate better. My style of speaking and intonation has changed so much. I didn’t know what difference it could mean then but now, I see the difference. — Tenzin Namdol, Tibet

  • The Training has played a major role in enhancing my abilities and helping me implement various convincing methods by providing excellent Training and sharing new techniques. It has changed the way I communicate with people. It has helped me greatly — Alawi-Saleh, Saudi

  • I’m pleased to state at the end of it, Call Center College has fulfilled more than I really came for. The different facets I was trained in were excellent and the inputs would certainly help to enhance my effectiveness. — Yaseer Muzahim-Umar-Bumuzahim

  • We are from Bihar, our language and accent was not acceptable for job positions. We didn’t realize the importance of English till then. We used to hesitate to speak, felt inferior to the way people communicated in Bangalore. With almost no hope, thought we will just do a course in Communication and Accent at Call Center College. It changed our thinking and created an attitude of hope in our lives. We had to put a lot of effort in understanding the techniques of the language and implementing it in our usage. Call Center College has set the foundation for us, and we believe, we would certainly progress in our career. — Uma Shankar & Sam

  • We are from Japan and come to India to work with Toyota Group. We had joined for the Intermediate level and Communication. The Trainers were so cooperative and flexible. We are thankful to all who trained us and made it possible for us to communicate really well at our work place. We would definitely refer our colleagues and friends who need training. — Hiroshi and Suzuki, Japan

  • I always had a problem in writing, being a businessman I was involved in business writing which I felt very difficult. In 2 months, Call Center College wholly equipped and created a difference in the way of my writing. I find the difference which shows professionalism that is expressed through my writing. — Tukaram, Business

  • Our son was first trained at Call Center College in the year 2003 before he left to the US. He always credited this Center for the values and confidence he had. He is now married and wanted my wife and I to visit and spend few months in the US. Although we were excited about it, we were not ready as we thought we would find it difficult to relate to people and our travel would be difficult due to lack of communication. Immediately, our son forced us to join Call Center College and go through a short term course in Communication. The trainers focused on various situational trainings to make us ready to take our flight. It was a short period of 2 weeks, but this has brought so much light to the way people converse in the present generation, interests, lifestyle, etc. We bless Ms. Meenal in all her endeavors and great success through the years. — Mr.Malikarjuna & Mrs. Kamala



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